Monthly Giving with Membership

Monthly Giving with Membership

Support our work in a convenient and affordable way by signing up for our Monthly Giving program!

By choosing an amount from the dropdown menu below and following the steps to set up a Monthly Giving donation plan, your credit card will be processed automatically each month, safely and securely.

We appreciate your financial support!

With your membership, you are entitled to the outlined benefits.

Member benefits:

Support a regional COG Chapter or Organization!  By selecting a partnering regional organization or COG Chapter, $15 or your membership goes to help assist their important programs and services. We're all in this together!

Please note that you will only receive a tax receipt for the donation portion of your monthly gift; a tax receipt cannot be provided for the $25 membership fee as the fee is associated with benefits. Due to administrative costs we only provide charitable receipts for donations greater than or equal to $20. Receipts will be sent out in February.

For information on the secure payment platform used for Monthly Giving, click here.

If you would like to support COG monthly through direct withdrawal, please download and mail this form along with a blank cheque to the address on the form. 


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