Organic Master Gardener Course, Ottawa - Fall 2016


The Instructors: 

Monical Chappell is a Certified Master Organic Gardener through Gaia College and practices organic farming as an Organic Farm assistant at Arc Acres in Greely. Monica is also a facilitator and member of the advisory board for COG-OSO's Growing Up Organic program and Coordinator at Rideau High School for the Whole Planet Foundation partnership with Wabano.

Colin Lundy has a Master's in Social Anthropology (Carleton University 2006) employing participatory methodologies to study traditional mixed cropping agricultural systems among ethnic minorities in India. He has completed organic farm apprenticeships at Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia (2000) and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, Wisconsin (2001). Since 2004, Colin and his wife, Eylie, have been managing organic ornamental and food production gardens at Strathmere, a wedding, conference and retreat centre outside of Ottawa. Since 2008, Colin has also been the Farmer Outreach and Training Coordinator for the Ottawa-St Lawrence-Outaouais Chapter of COG.

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