The Canadian Organic Grower Magazine - Summer 2016 Digital Edition

In the summer 2016 edition of TCOG, take a closer look at small-scale production of spelt, hemp and other grains, how sprouting improves livestock fodder while reducing costs, how one small-scale dairy farmer found success in artisan cheesemaking, and a Q&A with the Swedish inventor of CombCut, the machine that’s making a big difference in weed management.

Plus, find out about:

  • How to process and preserve sea buckthorn berries;
  • The latest research from Guelph on growing organic bitter melon in high tunnels;
  • Carbon farming, fibresheds and the rise of locally produced clothes;
  • Why growing organic is good for climate change;
  • The crucial role of crop rotations in organic farming;                                                    
  • How one farm is helping to fight urban food insecurity in Montreal; and
  • Book reviews, classifieds and the latest additions to our national lending library.