Organic Vegetable Seed Production Certificate & Practicum

Early Bird Registration: $1500 by March 25th, 2018  - Price increases to $1650 on March 26th.

Want to learn more about producing organic seeds? Want to learn about their production, harvesting, quality, marketing, breeding and more? Want to build your own business following your own unique seed-farm business plan?

  • e-Learning certificate program
  • 22 week program
  • 5 course modules
  • Runs April 9th - November 2nd.
  • Summer break from July 9th - September 2nd (no lessons or webinars scheduled).
  • Online, part-time, blended format.
  • Learn more about the course and the instructors HERE.
  • THIS OPTION INCLUDES: 40-hour in-field experiential learning practicum placement. Learn more about it HERE.
  • Early Bird Registration: $1500 by March 25th, 2018 - price increases to $1650 on March 26th.
  • Payment plan are available. Contact for more details.

The five course modules covered in this certificate program include:

  1. Organic Farming Practices
  2. Organic Seed Production and Harvesting
  3. Organic Seed Quality Assurance
  4. The Business of Organic Seed Production
  5. On-Farm Organic Plant Breeding

Admission into this program requires that students have a basic level of knowledge and/or experience in seed production. This will be evaluated using a pre-enrollment questionnaire that you will find below. Should you not be admitted to the course, we will provide a full refund. If you would prefer to register by mail, email or phone, you can download a copy of the paper questionnaire and scan/mail it in with your payment information. Note that you must complete your payment for the course in order to be registered. You can access the paper questionnaire HERE.


Should we not be able to find a suitable host for the student because of a lack of available mentors within a reasonable travel distance to the student, we will provide a full fund for the cost of the practicum. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the practicum location and accommodation if needed. Some hosts may have accommodation available but that should not be assumed and may come at an additional cost.

Note COG cannot guarantee language accommodations but we'll do our best! All practicum assignments are still to be completed in English.
List degrees, certificates, etc, if any
List any trainings you have taken on organic growing or seed production.
How many years have you been farming, saving seeds, gardening, etc?
Are you currently operating a farm or garden?
What kind of farm/garden are you operating?
Do you have any experiences working on a farm or in a garden?
Have you participated in any internships or placements?
Do you have land, or access to land?
What are your plans to continue with organic seed production?

Type: Course

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