The Canadian Organic Grower (TCOG) magazine - 2019 Spring - Digital Edition

This issue focuses on organic gardening! We’ve pulled together some great resources to help you garden organically, whether you have a market garden, a backyard garden, or a few containers on your urban balcony. Excerpts from COG’s The Organic Backyard, edited by TCOG’s new editor Sarah Chisholm Ryder, offer information about soil health, crop
rotation, companion planting, and succession planting.

Megan Holdfast talks about the experience of seed saving in Newfoundland,
reminding us that it’s actually the seeds that are doing the saving! Julia Thomson discusses the benefits of container gardening, Niki Jabbour shares her enthusiasm for growing cucumbers, and Julia Dimakos describes her experiments growing garlic from bulbils. From Nala Rogers we learn about fascinating research on weed-suppressing microbes that can be friendly to your crops. And finally, Stephanie Wells introduces us to an inspirational garden and friendship centre on B.C.’s Hornby Island.

We're sure you'll find something to help inspire your 2019 garden!

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