Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production (E-BOOK)

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From the COG Practical Skills Handbook series: 

Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production with farm profiles

By: Anne Macey 


Sheep are a natural fit with organic principles and do well in forage-based systems. 

However, they are susceptible to internal parasites and treatment with chemical wormers is the norm throughout the industry. Increasingly, parasitic nematodes are becoming resistant to chemical treatments and producers are seeking alternative approaches. 

Peter Stockdale, a sheep farmer and retired veterinary parasitologist, maintains that resistance and resilience can be built up in flock of sheep so that, when parasites are inevitably present, there is no loss of productivity. Low levels of infection promote natural immunity rather than producing disease. 

His recommendations in Living with Worms based on nutrition, selection, and grazing management are good news for those interested in raising sheep organically.



  • Introduction
  • Sheep Behaviour , Resistance and Susceptibility
  • Understanding the Life Cycle and the Effects of Worms on Sheep
  • The Ecology of Worms on Pasture
  • Living with Worms
  • Assessing Infection
  • Good Shepherding
  • Treatment
  • Summary
  • Case Studies.


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